Challenges of the Narrow Way

The Tsunami disaster in Asia has left a lot of people with questions that are hard to answer. We have a good selection of books on suffering some of which may well help when you are faced with questions on this subject. Daily Devotional Bible reading is hard when you lead such a busy life and yet we all know how important it is. Perhaps we can offer a solution? Why not sign up to our daily Bible reading via e mail. Its free, will always be in your inbox and, because the passage is included, you can do it all at your desk! Just click on the mailings/devotional link on the left hand sidebar and join the growing number of people who get it every day. Challenges of the Narrow Way Click here for further information. How do you spend Lent? Many of us do not read enough and like to discipline ourselves to read a little each day during Lent. BRF have produced their new book in plenty of time for all of us to enjoy. Bridget Plass has written an excellent book that challenges us about the life God may well be calling us to. Not the necessarily comfortable life that we would all hope for but one of great joy with our reward in heaven.